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The Team


The following are unpaid staffers who see the value in honorinig our emergency responders and disaster response volunteers and who spend their precious time building, improving, and sustaining Project EQUIPP. If you are interested in joining the Project team, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thomas K. Zink, MD
Founder & Chief
Mike Schadone, BS
Project Lead

Focus: Community Outreach, Marketing & Public Relations, Policy & Advocacy.

Marissa Latterman, MPH
Research Associate

Focus: Community Outreach; Ethics & Values

Historical, Scientific, and Philosophical Foundations.
Todd Kliche, R.Ph
Project Analyst
Focus: Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation; Board and Committee Development.
Maddie Caito
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Focus: Community Outreach; Volunteer Management; Marketing and Public Relations; Fundraising.
Jill E. Miller
Project Coordinator
Focus:  Historical, Scientific, and Philosophical Foundation; Youth Engagement and Young Adult Development.
Collette Linder, MPH
Project Liaison
Focus: Ethics and Values; Risk Management and Legal Issues; Community Outreach.
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